12-03-2013 | Do you want to warm up like the professionals

Gorey Family Chiropractic Guide to Warming Up to Prevent Injury

Even though it’s only early March already the hamstring, achilles tendon & calf strains/ tears associated with sport have been coming into Gorey Family Chiropractic for assessment and treatment. Some of these injuries can be prevented and certainly they can be treated but valuable training time is lost particularly with the GAA and running seasons in full swing, so it makes sense to try to prevent injury and ensure we are preparing the body correctly for the participation in our chosen sports to prevent this in the first place.

With many participating in the Beach Bog Run and Hope and Dream 10 in the next couple of weeks and with County teams focussed firmly on their Championship preparation, we've prepared a guide to warming up to prevent injury and improve recovery times.

Follow the link to the Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic Guide to Warming Up to Prevent Injury  Specific warm ups for Football and Running Included. Enjoy.