GFCC Promise You


A Patient Centered Approach

The Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic has built up its reputation based upon a high level of chiropractic care and high standards of customer service.

We treat all our patients as people, we start our new relationships with our patients by finding out about them and what they want from their visits to us.

We have outlined some reasons we believe you should choose us for your chiropractic care.

Respect for your Condition

We believe that you should keep your spine healthy for a lifetime. Prevention is far less costly and more comfortable than disease treatment for everyone. We provide a unique programme of care based upon your diagnosis with the goal of helping you achieve a healthy spine or pain free condition regardless of whether you suffer from a trapped nerve or strained muscle.

We will utilize the most up to date methods of diagnosis and treatment possible and will utilize imaging techniques such as x ray on site ourselves, and refer you out directly for MRI if it was considered clinically necessary for your diagnosis to help us get top the root of the problem.

Respect for your Comfort

Many people are anxious about chiropractic appointments. We will ensure your comfort is our top priority. We will endeavor to help you understand your problem and discuss all the treatment options available to you so that you may feel comfortable and confident in your chiropractic care.

Respect for your Budget

We will tell you in advance the cost of your treatment and inform you of all the options available. We do not want the barrier to your recovery to be financial.
Once you have met our team and understand your proposed treatment programme, we can discuss various methods of payment to suit you.
The Best Staff

To perform the chiropractic procedures that we offer, at the highest level of technical skill requires a university based education programme coupled with a rigorous programme of continuing education.

We believe your back or condition is not the place for on the job training for people who may not be appropriately qualified in the provision of treatment and diagnosis. Therefore we believe it is imperative that the chiropractor you select is a qualified chiropractor recognised by the appropriate professional body i.e the Chiropractic Association in Ireland.

This ensures you will be treated in accordance with the highest international training standards in Chiropractic and whose members abide by a strict code of conduct and ethics.

This also means you will be entitled to reimbursement by insurers such as VHI and Aviva should you hold health insurance.

We are experienced in getting the results that you are looking for. We also utilize imaging such as x-ray, if clinically necessary to diagnose more accurately so that we may offer you the most effective treatment possible for your condition.


Should we find following consultation that your condition is not suitable for chiropractic management, we will refer you immediately to the necessary specialist for your condition thus saving any unnecessary time or costs.

Refer a friend

If you are happy with our service and can think of a family member, friend or colleague that would also benefit from experiencing chiropractic care at our clinic, please call our clinic on 053 94 83338 or alternatively email us on