Neck Pain & Whiplash

Neck pain is an extremely common physical problem with two thirds of the population suffering at some point in their lives. At Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic we see significant numbers of patients presenting with neck pain or an associated complaint.

Neck pain, although felt in the neck can sometimes be caused by other spinal problems. Most common causes of neck pain include minor injuries or falls, prolonged poor posture, whiplash, muscular strain or pinched nerves.

Whiplash injuries are most commonly caused when a car is struck from behind and the occupant's head is suddenly jerked back and forth beyond its normal limits.  Other collisions and sports injuries can cause a whiplash injury.  Frequently patients do not make the connection between the problems they may have had for months or even years and the injury that caused the problems.

In addition to neck pain a whiplash injury can cause headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, pain in the shoulders, arms, hands and more. Do you find it difficult to look over your shoulder? Do you feel tension and pain in your neck at different times of the day?

You do not have to have experienced a whiplash injury to suffer from neck pain.  Whatever the cause it needs to be found and corrected.

To help find that cause we offer:
  • A Private Consultation with the Doctor of Chiropractic
  • A Thorough Examination including Neurological, Orthopaedic & Blood Pressure Tests
  • X-Rays, if necessary
  • A Verbal Report of our Findings and thorough Explanation of the X-Rays
Following this evaluation and report you will understand your condition more thoroughly and what the options are for the most sucessful treatment of your condition.

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