Prevention & Maintenance


Just like your teeth, keeping your spine in optimum health requires maintenance on your part on an ongoing basis. It is far less costly to prevent back problems than to treat them and our ethos is simple, get your back well then keep it that way.

Correct lifting technique, good posture, rehabilitation exercises and chiropractic check ups all play a valuable role in maintaining your spine in a healthy way and it is our aim to give you the information you need to look after your condition properly and maintain yourself successfully following treatment.

We offer a free spinal health class to all our new patients with the express aim of educating our patients in how to care for their spines properly. In this class we cover lifting technique, how to care for the acutely and chronically injured spine as well as posture and exercise. 

Chiropractic maintenance treatment: you would not run your engine without getting it serviced and checked periodically and health check ups are all too often forgotton about when the pain goes away. Getting your spine checked periodically or treated periodically (if necessary) helps keep the small niggles small and identifies the recurrences of problems that are more serious in the chronic patient. For athletes this level of care and attention is common to give that extra edge to sporting performances.