Sports Enthusiasts

Sports Professional or Serious Amateur?
Whatever your level, if you are suffering chronic recurrences of the same injury or a new injury that is not recovering you will need expert assistance to get you back to fitness.  Whether you are a serious athlete or the more relaxed weekend athlete, you have the same thing in common- you have been vulnerable to experiencing an injury as a result of your chosen sport.  

Chiropractors are not only concerned with the treatment of sports related injuries but how to prevent them in the first place and optimise fitness and performance.

We Find the Hidden Causes
It is possible for a person to have problems in their spine, pelvis or limbs without any obvious symptoms.  If this is the case then not only are they prone to injury when they exert themselves, but if they are not functioning correctly they will develop other compensatory injuries as a result, which dramatically complicates a return to full fitness if left unaddressed or are not treated properly.
Our team is trained in the diagnosis and recognition of these problems and will identify these factors and explain them to you so you may return to your sport in a way that does not jeopardise your recovery or leave you with longer term problems developing that can shorten a playing career.
We manage
  • Sprains and strains
  • Shoulder tendon Injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Groin and hamstring Injury with associated sacro-iliac joint dysfunction
  • Pain along the shin bone, Shin Splints
We have on site X-ray and a rapid referral service for MRI to assist diagnosis where clinically necessary.

Treating the Root of the Problem
At Gorey Family Chiropractic clinic we do not believe in just treating the symptoms.  By identifying the cause and contributing factors to your condition we understand the crucial points to not only getting you better, but returning you to your chosen sport stronger and more capable than before.

As chiropractors with over ten years experience, we also understand the biomechanics of specific sports, whether it is Gaelic football, Hurling or Athletics and we understand how certain sports create certain injuries.  We also understand that sports injuries left untreated almost always lead to further more complex and chronic complications in later years.

We can help you if you
  • Injure yourself or experience pain or discomfort during sport
  • Repeatedly re-injure yourself or the same body part
  • Have poor postural or movement control which hinders your performance
  • Wish to return to sport as soon as possible

What the Professionals Say:

Tim Brabants,
Olympic Gold Medallist, 2008

“In pursuit of being in the best possible shape whilst training, racing and in the build up to the 2012 Olympic Games I believe that regular Chiropractic treatment plays a vital role. When training hard it is an important adjunct to maintain a healthy body.”

Padraig Harrington,
PGA Golfer

"One thing I know through experience is that I need to keep seeing my chiropractor, even when I have a few weeks off from golf," says Padraig Harrington, whose major championships include two British Opens and the PGA Championship. "Getting ongoing chiropractic care helps me to stay injury-free. It also helps me to deal with symptoms when they begin, so that they don't turn into bigger injuries down the road."


Tiger Woods
PGA Golfer and former Golf Number One

“I’ve been going to the chiropractor for as long as I can remember it is as important to my golf as practicing my swing”

Richie Rees,
Cardiff Blues and Welsh International Rugby Player.

“I gain instant pain relief from the pain that I deal with in my lower back through 8 years of playing professionally. A once week visit to my Chiropractor keeps my back relatively pain free and I honestly think without it my career would be cut short ”


Why Us?

To find out for sure if we can help, we conduct with every new patient a complete consultation and physical examination (orthopaedic and neurological testing) including x-rays if necessary followed by a complete report of our findings. At this point we will explain if we feel Chiropractic care can benefit your particular condition and if not we will arrange prompt referral to another appropriate specialist.

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