Sports Injuries

As keen sports people at Gorey Family Chiropractic we understand just how frustrating sports injuries can be from the  extreme situations leading to surgery and in less extreme situations hampering your participation in your chosen sport and blocking you from doing the things you really enjoy whether you are 20 or 60. You can feel like you are losing your competitive edge through no fault of your own.

Aches and pains often ignored at the minor stages often develop into persistent troublesome injuries that sideline players and athletes and take longer ultimately to recover.

At Gorey Family Chiropractic we have a strong commitment to ongoing professional development and we practice the most current and proven treatments available and our highly qualified and experienced team will diagnose your injury following
  • Careful consideration of your history including that of your injury and your training, playing regimes.
  • Comprehensive Physical Examination including orthopaedic and neurological tests coupled with the best of modern diagnostic technology including X ray, MRI  and Computerised Gaitwhere where neccessary.
Once an accurate diagnosis has been made for a sports injury client, the most appropriate and effective options for treating and rehabilitating and managing the sports injury can be discussed.

Our Chiropractic team are committed to bringing our clients the very best of modern physical treatment techniques often used for the treatment of elite athletes to enable our clients to achieve the very best results in sports injury treatment.We are the only South East providers of Active Release Technique for clients, a gold standard soft tissue treatment technique used by professional athletes and teams to treat soft tissue muscular injuries.

We will advise on the most effective treatment options, rehabilitative and corrective exercise programmes where neccessary and  will offer advice to support the most rapid recovery for your condition. Our team has extensive experience in injury screening and prevention, exercise rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Ultimately our goal is to help our clients address the underlying reasons why injury or pain has developed and we will work with them to correct these issues to prevent the problem and pain arising again so that they may compete at optimimum levels.

We commonly assess and treat sports injuries such as:

    •    Muscle strains and tears of the hamstring, calf and hip flexors
    •    Ankle sprains
    •    Achilles injuries
    •    Heel pain such as plantar fasciitis
    •    Adolescent complaints such as Os-good Schlatter’s
    •    Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow
    •    Knee injuries and pain including that from wear and tear (osteoarthritis) inhibiting activity
    •    Rotator cuff injuries of the shoulder
    •    Shoulder tendonitis and shoulder impingement syndrome
    •    Iliotibial band syndrome and hip bursitis

We believe that every patient at Gorey Family Chiropractic should be given the opportunity to be treated like a professional sports person. We specialise in biomechanical analysis and provide hands-on individually tailored treatments with an appropriate exercise-based rehabilitation regime.

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